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Academic Works

Eaton Richard (1996) Sufis of Bijapur 1300-1700: Social Roles of Sufis in Medieval India, Mumshiram Manoharlal Publishers.(Download PDF)

Eaton Richard (2005) Social History of the Deccan 1300-1761 – Eight Indian Lives, Cambridge History of India, 1:8.(Download PDF)

Gordon Stewart (1993) The Marathas, 1600-1818, Cambridge History of India, 2:4. (Download PDF)

Kruijtzer Gijs (2009) Xenophobic in Seventeenth Century India, Leiden University Press.

Sardar Marika (2007) Golconda through Time: A Mirror of the Evolving Deccan, PhD Dissertation, New York University.

Stein Burton (1989) Vijayanagara, Cambridge History of India, 1:2. (Download PDF)

Popular narratives

Pansare Govind, Who Was Shivaji (Marathi)(Download PDF)

Savarkar VD (1925) Hindu Pad Padshahi or A Critical Review of the Hindu Empire of Maharashtra, B.G. Paul and Co. Madras. (Download PDF)

Colonial and pre-colonial histories

Buchanan Francis (1807) A Journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar in three volumes (Download PDF- Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3).

Cousens Henry (1889) Bijapur: The Old Capital of the Adil Shahi Kings – A Guide to its Ruins with Historical Outline, Orphanage Press, Pune.(Download PDF)

Ferishta Muhammad Qasim (1612) History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India (Tarikh-e-Farishta) translated by John Briggs, Lt. Colonel in Madras Army, in 4 Volumes. (Download PDF – Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

Gribble JDB (1896) A History of the Deccan, Luzac and Co. London. (Download PDF, Vol 1 and Vol 2)

Modak B.P (1891) बाहामिनी ऊर्फ़ ब्राह्मणी राज्य चा इतिहास (History of the Bahmani Empire) (Download PDF)

Sarkar, Jadunath (1920) Shivaji and his times, Longmans, Green and Co, London.(Download PDF)

Sewell Robert (1900) A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar), Swan Sonnenschein and Co, London.(Download PDF)

Art and Architecture

Michell and Zebrowski (1999) Art and Architecture of the Deccan Sultanates, Cambridge History of India, 1:7.(Download PDF)

Kramrisch St. (1937) A Survey of Painting in the Deccan, The India Society, London.(Download PDF)

Haidar and Sardar, Sultans of the South, (Download PDF)

Longhurst (1933), The Hampi Ruins (Download PDF)

The Kesava Temple at Somanathapura (Download PDF)

The Kesava Temple at Belur (Download PDF)

Archival materials

Selections from the Shastri Daftar, 1799-1839(Download PDF)

Selections from the Satara Rajas and Peshwa Diaries – Sawai Madhavrao Vol 1(Download PDF)

Selections from the Satara Rajas and Peshwa Diaries – Madhavrao Vol 2(Download PDF)

Selections from the Satara Rajas and Peshwa Diaries – Sawai Madhavrao Vol 3(Download PDF)

Language and Poetry

Kulliyat-e-Vali (Collected Works of Vali Dakkani)Download PDF)

Kulliyat-e-Quli Qutb Shah (Collected Works of Quli Qutb Shah) (Download PDF)

Kitab-e-Nauras by Ibrahim Adil Shah (Download PDF)

دکن میں اردو (Urdu in the Deccan) (Download PDF)

Mohamed Syed (1968) The Value of Dakhni Language and Literature, University of Mysore.

Shakeel Abdul Gaffar (1967) Phonology and Morphology of Dakhni Urdu As Spoken in Mysore, PhD Dissertation, Aligarh Muslim University.

Political Economy

Banaji Jairus (2010) Theory as History: Essays on Modes of Production and ExploitationDownload PDF)

Joshi N.M. (1936) Urban Handicrafts of the Bombay Deccan and Karnatak (Download PDF)

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